Bust a Move in August!

This month is often a busy one with last minute summer vacations, work trips, and wrapping things up before school begins.  We’re bust’n a move ourselves here at Little Bird.  We have some more staff good byes and hellos, a POCA conference on the horizon, as well as some info on how we can help with post travel fatigue, aches and pains, etc.

Good-Bye Karen!
We are sad and happy to announce that Karen is stepping down as our Saturday front desker.  She is the longest tenured employee here at Little Bird and responsible for the vast majority of stuff that makes this place run.  Lets just say she will be missed!  Hopefully we will see her as a sub once in awhile and often taking an acunap.

Hello Ashley!
Some of you have already seen our new friendly face at the office.  Please welcome the wonderful Ashley to our front desk team.  She will be covering the Monday/Thursday shifts.

Want to take part in a fun weekend conference hosted by the POCA Coop and held in beautiful Sausalito, CA?  Then this fall’s POCA Fest is for you!.  POCA Fest is set up for punks, patient/community members, POCA supporters, students, friends, and family.  The theme for the keynote speech is Liberation Acupuncture.  Practical ways in which the community acupuncture model is liberatory and the challenges of liberating acupuncture from mechanisms of domination, such as neglecting oppressed people and reinforcing inequality, will be addressed.  The conference runs from Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th.  Not only is it an opportunity to learn new things about community acupuncture, but it is an amazing way to connect to the POCA community!

Post Travel Woes
While traveling for work and for fun can be awesome, it also tends to leave us tired, achy, and with our sleep, digestion, and bowel movements out of whack.  Whether you are dealing with jet-lag, parasites, sore joints and muscles from carrying luggage or any other travel woe, we are here to help!  Acupuncture is great at getting out bodies back on track.  We also have various herbal formulas that can also help you get back to feeling like yourself quickly.

We hope you have been enjoying the summer and look forward to seeing you soon!

Little Bird Staff