October…Free to Be

Suzzanne and Sara are fresh back from POCA Fest, eager to get back to poking and applying what they’ve learned!  The theme at POCA Fest was Liberation Acupuncture and how the community acupuncture model works at achieving freedom for all people by working towards the humanization of all people.  In the keynote speech, Lisa Rohleder says that community acupuncture clinics are “set up so that we meet each other primarily as human beings rather than as numbers or roles or images or income streams.  We recognize that everyone suffers, everyone has needs, everyone is struggling with limited resources.  And so for the most part, at least on our good days, our POCA clinics are humanizing environments.”  When you have a moment we recommend you read the POCA Fest Keynote: Dangerous Potential.  It’s a goodie!

We are so grateful to be a member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture and are happy that our co-op’s school, POCA Tech, is continuing to grow and thrive.   Please read on to learn how you can support our larger POCA community and get $15 treatments for the month of October.

POCA Membership Drive!
October 1st kicks off POCA’s Fall Membership Drive.  Being a part of the POCA co-op provides a lot of perks and helps support the movement for affordable acupuncture. Patient members are a huge part of the co-op and make things like micro loans to start and grow clinics, support for acupunks, and POCA Tech–a place to grow new acupunks–possible. This Fall, membership fees will go towards the accreditation costs of POCA Tech.  It is really expensive to get a school off the ground and we want new acupunks to get a top notch education. Our communities need more acupuncture!

Little Bird will be supporting the Membership Drive by offering $15 treatments to any POCA member in October.  Once you join, just forward to us your “welcome to POCA”/proof of membership email or print out the email and bring it in anytime in October and receive acupuncture for just $15 all month long!

POCA Tech Sustainer
If you would like to further support POCA Tech, think about becoming a Sustainer! For as little as $5 per month you can donate to help fulfill the mission of POCA Tech. 

The mission of the POCA Technical Institute is to recruit and train students to provide acupuncture to underserved communities through the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), and to establish an academic foundation for the practice of liberation acupuncture. 

We continue to appreciate how you all come together to create a safe and healing space.  Your patience, respect, and gratitude mean so much in protecting and strengthening our Little Bird Community!

Little Bird Staff