A Little TLC for Election Month & Thanksgiving

November News
Happy November!  We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!  Read on to learn about our Election Special, acupuncture for stress-relief, self-care tips and herbal tea recipies, LBCA’s sick policy, our annual non-perishable food drive, and Thanksgiving week scheduling! 

Election TLC: The Day-After Special!
This election season has been extra stressful for all of us, and we at LBCA have decided to offer a special day of healing after the election ends.  We are offering $15 treatments all day Wednesday, November 9.  Come take advantage of this opportunity to heal in community and rest your weary heads and hearts!
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Take Care of Yo-Self!  Acupuncture, Stress Relief, & Health-Boosting Teas
Our #1 recommendation for stress-relief is acupuncture, of course!  And why does it work so well?  Acupuncture slows the body’s production of stress hormones, down-regulates the “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system response, and up-regulates the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system response.  By soothing the nervous system, acupuncture can be a life-changer when used regularly, because it will help your body reset to a “new normal” of calm and relaxation. Think you could use a nervous system reset? Weekly treatments are a good place to start.
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Self-Care Beyond Acupuncture: For those of you looking for extra ways to take care of yourself at work and at home, below are some great resources with tips on being good to yourself and recipes for healing teas.

  • Morning Rituals:  Morning rituals in 23 minutes per day for physical, emotional, and mental well-being!  Ritual #1? Start each morning by writing down 3 things you are grateful for.  This ritual is a method of training your brain to scan for positives instead of negatives, and can have a huge impact on your outlook.   
    For the Other Rituals, Read the Full Article Here

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace:   How to take breaks, however small, in which you focus on your physical experience, not your thinking mind.  Whether you take 30 seconds to breathe mindfully or take advantage of a 15-minute break to go for a walk, the key is to tune in with your body, notice sights and sounds, & be present with your surroundings.   
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  • 4 Herbal Teas for Autumn & Winter:  In this article you will find recipes for an adaptogen chai, a nourishing tonic blend, an uplifting tea, and a tea for nipping colds in the bud.    
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  • Immune Boosting Chai:  Rooibos chai with immune tonics for the season.   
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Sick Policy: Can I come in for treatment when I’m sick?
While we love to help those suffering from the flu and colds boost their immunity and get better quickly,  it is important that we keep the community room contagion-free to protect all of our Little Birds!  That means if you are in the contagious stage of your illness, you will need to stay home.  We ask that you wait 24 hours after your fever breaks before coming in for a treatment. Also, if you are coughing uncontrollably, vomiting, or having diarrhea, please stay home and rest up.  If you come in for treatment and are contagious, we unfortunately will not be able to treat you.  We will be happy to help you recover when you are no longer contagious with those wintertime germmies and bugs!

Community Giving: LBCA Food Drive 
As a means of giving back to our larger community, we will once again be hosting a food drive to benefit Bread for the City!  For the entire month of November, Little Bird will be collecting healthful, non-perishable food items for the Bread for the City food program.  Please make sure to follow Bread for the City’s guidelines when selecting food to bring in.

With every item donated you will not only be helping someone in need, but you can also enter a raffle to win one of five prizes from Little Bird!  One item equals one entry.  Prizes are the following:

  • 1 Acu Pass good for 5 FREE returning patient treatments
  • 1 Acu Pass good for 1 FREE returning patient treatment
  • 3 Acu Passes each good for 1 FREE New Patient treatment (a great gift for a friend or loved one)

We will contact the raffle winners on Thursday, December 1st!

Holiday Hours
We will be closed Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25 for the holiday, but we will be open Saturday and Sunday so you can get in a nice post-Thanksgiving acunap!   Shortened weeks fill up quickly, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.  
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Thanks so much for supporting Little Bird Community Acupuncture!  We hope you have a beautiful month and a great Thanksgiving holiday!
Little Bird Staff