Fun Times in February

We’ve saved the best for last, so please make sure to read to the end to find out our big surprise!

We have greatly appreciated your patience when we get jammed up and we like to be accommodating in return. Unfortunately though, if you are really early and we are super busy, you may have to wait a wee bit while we treat people with appointments ahead of you. We love to see people chilling out in the front office! So please feel free to get cozy with a magazine or a book, have a cup of tea, or enjoy a chat in the waiting room.

Schedule Changes
We wanted to give a heads up that we have a couple of shortened days at the end of February and beginning of March. Please note the following adjustments:

  • Thursday, February 26th: 9am-1pm
  • Friday, February 27th: 2:30pm-7pm
  • Tuesday, March 3rd: 3pm-8pm

New Art
This month we are excited to display more paintings from the lovely artist Julia Colton. Please check out her website to learn more about her and see more of her work. We will have a stack of her business cards for you to take if you are interested in contacting her about the paintings.

POCA Network
Did you know that just because you’re traveling around the U.S you don’t have to go without acupuncture?! We are a member of an awesome network of community acupuncture clinics called POCA. It is a multi-stakeholder cooperative that you can join and receive various member benefits including the waiving of new patient fees at POCA member clinics! You can look online to find a local clinic and keep getting your acunaps while away from DC. POCA is also a great resource for finding community clinics for your family and friends who aren’t locals!

New Punk!!!
It looks like our patience has paid off and after many months of looking, we are excited to have found a wonderful new acupunk to add to our Little Bird community! You will see the warm and friendly Janaye Volk during the next few weeks while she is training. Please make her feel welcome! She recently moved to Maryland from Nevada (by way of Washington) and is waiting for her DC license. As soon as it comes through, you will get the chance to be poked by her on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. That’s right, we are going to have Sunday hours!!! We will be sure to update you all via email with Janaye’s official start date, the schedule changes and all the exciting news concerning Little Bird’s expanding schedule.

As always, we are so happy that you are part of our community. We are grateful to be able to provide lots of affordable acunaps to you all! So go book an appointment now and come in to see us!

Little Bird Staff