Hooray for May Day…a POCA Member FREE Day!

POCA Membership Drive
We are excited to kick off May with a celebration of POCA’s spring membership drive!  We will be offering all POCA members FREE treatments on Friday, May 1st.  To sweeten the deal, POCA members will receive unlimited $15 treatments for the entire month of May.  We love being part of a larger community dedicated to affordable and accessible acupuncture and hope you will be a part of it, too! If you aren’t yet a member, now would be a great time to join POCA!

Not only will you be supporting a cooperative that works to provide affordable acupuncture for all, but you will also be helping POCA Tech grow as proceeds from the membership drive will go to POCA Tech.   POCA Tech provides affordable acupuncture education which means there will be more Acupunks to provide even more affordable acupuncture!  You can head over to POCA’s website to fill out the membership form or you can sign up on the spot at your appointment at Little Bird on Friday, May 1st.  We will have a laptop set up and our friendly front desk ready to help you become a POCA member.

T-Shirt Contest
We extended the voting period for our t-shirt contest and now you have until Sunday, May 3rd!  So please go ahead a book your next acunap and while at Little Bird pick your favorite design.  Check out our FB Post to get a peek at your choices. We will have the winning shirt design printed up and ready for sale on our birthday- June 1st!

Memorial Day
We will be CLOSED Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.  However, we will have normal clinic hours Saturday and Sunday!

Calling All Artists!!!
We are once again looking for new art to display in the treatment room.  If you have pieces you would like to donate or display and sell at an affordable price, please let us know.  Our current pieces are coming down soon, so we are hoping people can submit their work sooner rather than later! Please email us at info@littlebirddc.com or let us know at your next visit, if you have art to share.

Birthday Party!
Can you believe Little Bird is about to turn 5?!   Once again in appreciation for helping Little Bird grow and thrive, all appointments on our birthday (Monday, June 1st) will be free!  So be sure to sign up for an appointment early!  They will fill up fast!  And keep your eyes and ears peeled for additional goodies we will be sharing to celebrate the special day.

Trauma Informed Care 
As many of you probably know, April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Washington DC has a lot of great resources such as the DC Rape Crisis Center to help support survivors of sexual assault.  Did you know that acupuncture can also be a helpful resource for not only survivors of sexual assault but all types of trauma?  Acupuncture is actually pretty great at addressing the various responses to trauma such as: insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypervigilance, dissociation, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, panic attacks, body aches and pains, etc.

The community acupuncture model is particularly geared to Trauma Informed Care.  Liberation Acupuncture has several great blog posts about this topic.  Acupuncture can be comforting to survivors as there is no need to tell the details of your story and relive trauma.  You can simply let the needles do their work and absorb the love and support of the community.  It is important to us that Little Bird is a safe place for all of you and think y’all are the best at creating that environment!  We are so thankful to be a safe haven for all of our Little Birds.

We wish you all a wonderful May and can’t wait to see you in a chair relaxing and soaking up the Spring! Thank you for being part of our community!

Little Bird Staff