No Foolin’ April Is Here

No foolin’ we’ve got some gems to share with you guys this month! Keep reading to find out all of the great stuff we have in store for you this month.

T-shirt Contest
Think it would be fun to design Little Bird’s next t-shirt? Now is your chance! In celebration of our 5th birthday (Yep, June 1st we turn 5!!!), we want to print up a new batch of shirts and would love for you all to design, vote, and choose what it’s going to be. The nitty gritty of the contest is as follows:

  • Design submission: now through Saturday, April 18th
  • Voting: at Little Bird Sunday, April 19th through Saturday, April 25th
  • Design will need to be in one color (though we plan to print it on different colored shirts) and can be front and back or just front.

Oh and the winner will get a 5 treatment acupass! Yay!

Liberation Acupuncture!
POCA Tech and the POCA Coop have come together to create a framework for socially engaged, socially relevant acupuncture theory. Read all about it at The website has incredible articles, posts, and resources on the foundations of liberation acupuncture, what brought people to liberation acupuncture, and trauma informed acupuncture.

Sports Injuries
Spring is kinda, hopefully, maybe here?! A lot of us are busting at the seams to get outside and resume our various exercise and sports routines. Sadly, some of us are quickly sidelined by various injuries. We are here though to help you get up and running lickety-split. Acupuncture is great at facilitating the healing process for acute and chronic sports related injuries such has runner’s knee, plantar fascitis, sciatica, tennis and golfer’s elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, bursitis, and all sorts of various sprains and strains. We also have various patches and liniments that can be applied and help you get back to your activities pain free! Book an appointment and bounce back into your activities!

Thank You
You guys are the best at helping us get the chairs ready for the next person when you leave! It’s super helpful when you fold and put away blankets and extra pillows. It might not seem much, but it really does save us a lot of time. Placing the basket in the chair is the staff’s signal that they have checked the chair and it is ready for the next Acunapper. Please go ahead and leave the baskets on the floor after you get up.

We hope you are enjoying the expanded hours and being able to come in 7 days a week! And as always, we hope to see you soon!

Little Bird Staff