September News!

It’s back-to-school season already!  Welcome back, students and teachers!  Read on to find out about free treatments, our 2-for-1 September special, tips for students (or anyone who is stressed and spends too much time sitting), new staff at Little Bird, and upcoming schedule changes!  

Free Treatments!
Do you have friends and family who could benefit from acupuncture?  Grab some referral cards from our front desk staff to give out, and your friends will get their first treatment absolutely FREE!  These referral cards expire at the end of September, so don’t delay!  

New patients can schedule their appointment and download new patient forms here.

2 For 1 Wednesdays – Bring a Buddy!
For the whole month of September, we will be offering 2 treatments for the price of 1 every Wednesday.  Bring a friend or family member to take advantage of this deal!  When you sign up with a buddy, you will pay a total of $20* for both treatments!  Make sure that you sign up both people’s names in our scheduling system and please sign up for back-to-back times: for example, schedule one person up at 11:00 and the other at 11:10.  Schedule Now!  

(*Please Note: New patients will still be charged an additional $10 paperwork fee for their first appointment.)

New Front Desk Staff
Please welcome our new front desk staff!   You have likely already met Emily and Jacey, who have been on board for a while now, and please also give a warm welcome to Caitie, who started just this week!   We are very sad to say goodbye to Melissa, but very excited for her new adventures.  She will be moving to Mexico for her dream job doing conservation work.  Congratulations and best wishes, Melissa!

Back to School: Tips for Students (And Everyone Else!)

  1. Stress Reduction: These simple stress reduction tips are great for everyone.  Even if you are pressed for time, you can do #1, 2, & 3 without even getting up out of your chair!  
    Read here.
  2. Sitting too much? Whether you are sitting and studying or working a desk job, you are probably spending long hours sitting.  Unfortunately, even if you exercise, too much sitting time is bad. So what can you do?  Stand up regularly!  
    Read more here

September Schedule Changes
Due to the Labor Day Holiday and staff vacation, the following days will have reduced hours as follows:

  • Monday, Sept. 5: CLOSED
  • Monday, Sept. 19:  CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20:  Open 9AM-1PM; 4-8PM 
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21:  Open 3-8:30PM
  • Thursday, Sept. 22:  Open 3-8PM 
  • Friday, Sept. 23: Open 9AM-12PM 

Please book early, as our shorter weeks fill up quickly. You can click here to schedule now!

Happy September, everyone!
Little Bird Staff