Summer Self-Care + August Specials!

August News!
Summer is in full swing, and man it’s hot out there!  We’re grateful for AC, but we are seeing a lot of people coming in with colds as a result!  Below we share tips not just for surviving the heat (and AC) but also for coping with the emotional roller-coaster this summer has brought for many of us.  Secondly, read on to learn about our August FLASH SPECIALS and schedule changes!

Self-Care Tips for Stress & Summertime
If you are wilting in the heat or suffering stress and anxiety provoked by current events, you are not alone.  This has been a rough summer for lots of folks.  Here are 3 resources to turn to for help navigating these hot days and difficult times.

1) Basic Mammal Maintenance, Or How to Be Nice To Yourself: If self-care was not modeled for you as a child, this is a good read of gentle, basic ways to be good to yourself.

2) 12 Summer Self-Care Tips From Acupuncturists: Everything from cooling down with watermelon to protecting yourself from getting chilled by AC!

3) 4 Self-Care Resources for Days When the World Is Terrible: Healing from trauma, specifically addressing people of color 

Also, don’t be afraid to lean on us for support.  Sometimes people shyly ask, “Do you think it would be ok if I come in more than than once a week?” The answer is: “Of course!” When you are going through a rough time, scheduling 2 or more acupuncture treatments in a week can be a lovely way to get support and to restore your physical and emotional well-being.  Schedule Here

August Flash Specials
Have you liked us on Facebook?  If not, now is the time!  We will be posting day-of Flash Specials for $15 treatments on our Facebook page during the month of August.  Check our page daily to catch a special, and mention it to our front desk staff to receive your discount!  

August Schedule Changes
Due to staff vacation, the following days will have reduced hours as follows:

  • Monday, Aug. 22:  Open 9AM-12PM 
  • Tuesday, Aug 23:  Open 3-8PM 
  • Wednesday, Aug. 24:  Open 3-8:30PM
  • Thursday, Aug. 25:  Open 3-8PM 
  • Friday, Aug. 26: Open 9AM-12PM 

Please book early, as our shorter weeks fill up quickly. You can click here to schedule now!

Happy August, and enjoy that watermelon!

Little Bird Staff