July News and $15 Treatment Tuesdays!

July News!
Thanks so much to all of you who participated in the birthday raffle.  We will be donating $77.00 to PocaTech! (Raffle winners will be notified directly.) Please read on to learn about $15 Treatment Tuesdays, July schedule changes, FREE new patient cards for your friends and family, and acupuncture for emotional release.

Summer Steal: $15 Treatment Tuesdays
Every Tuesday in July we will be offering $15 treatments all day long!  Schedule Now to take advantage of this hot deal!

We Heart Referrals!
Do you have friends, family, or clients who you think would benefit from acupuncture?  Please send them our way!  At your next appointment you can ask our front desk for free new patient vouchers to hand out.  Your friend will get their first visit completely free, and you will get our undying gratitude! Thanks for helping us spread the word about Little Bird Community Acupuncture!

July Schedule Changes
Due to the 4th of July holiday and staff vacation time, we will have the following changes in our schedule:

  • Monday, July 4th: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, July 19th Hours: 9am-1pm (closed in the evening)
  • Wednesday, July 20th Hours: 3pm-8:30pm (closed in the morning)
  • Thursday, July 21st Hours: 3pm-8pm (closed in early afternoon)
  • Friday, July 22nd Hours: 9am-1pm (closed in the evening)

Please book early, as our shorter weeks fill up quickly. You can click here to schedule now!

Crying & Community Acupuncture: Tears in the Treatment Room
In this lovely post by Guelph Community Acupuncture, they discuss the subject of crying and why it is totally ok and even encouraged to let your tears flow during your treatment in the community room. “Acupuncture can stir up strong emotions, [and it] can be an especially emotional experience if we’ve been ‘holding it together.’ For many of us, acupuncture time is when we get to relax and stop pretending that we’re fine.”

The article also describes how tears can be beneficial not just emotionally, but also physiologically.  Given that emotional tears contain stress hormones like ACTH, they explain that one theory about why we cry suggests that “we evolved to shed tears as a mechanism to literally wash stress away.”  

We think that acupuncture alone already does a pretty good job of washing stress away, but if you need a good cry, don’t be shy!  Read the full article here!

Happy 4th of July!  We hope you have a great weekend! 

Little Bird Staff